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Our Story

We are Don and Tammy Schneider, and here is the story of our journey into the hemp industry.

Learning about the health benefits of CBD, we grew our first crop of hemp in 2019. The process proved to be full of trials and tribulations. Permits and licensing, planting seeds and plants, lab tests, harvesting the crop by hand, oil extraction, more lab tests, and finally bottling the new product, has been a true labor of love. It has made us realize we are surrounded by wonderful, willing, hard-working friends and family. Honestly, we could not have gotten to this point without their help and support.


The next step in our journey was to get the product into the hands of others. As we shared our CBD products with our friends and family, we all began to see results. Realizing the many benefits of our oil and seeing it help the people we know and love was the encouragement we needed to market our oils.   

We believe in our products and strive to produce pure, high-quality, regulation-compliant oils. Our goal is to consistently bring the CBD40 product line to you at affordable prices. Each dropper full of our CBD40 contains 40 mg of lab-tested, licensed, state-approved CBD. Compare our dosage strenght to others and you will see the value of CBD 40.


Our Mission

is to produce oils that are

pure, high-quality and


at affordable prices.

Don & Tammy Schneider, owners of CBD40


Local bank features Schneiders 

Don and Tammy Schneider and their CBD40 farm were featured in the following article originally published by Points West Community Bank. 

“Growing up on the farm all my childhood I learned early what hard work farming was.” In 1986 Donny partnered with his dad to farm 320 acres of irrigated land. In 1988 his dad passed away and the real learning had begun. He was able to keep the current leases on the farmland and with a small machinery loan from his dad’s estate and a loan from the bank he was up and running.


Thirty-two years later, the farm has grown to around 2000 acres with much of the success coming from our local bank First National and now Points West. “We had a bank that believed in us and were able to grow to where we are now,” says Donny.