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Est. 2020


Family Hemp Farm


Our Products


We offer a trio of products made of

locally raised hemp grown in the

North 40 of Ovid, Colorado


(We plan to add more products, so check back soon!)


CBD Oil Drops

1200 mg CBD per bottle

We all know that hemp is a centuries-old plant that has been used for its fiber, oil, and seed as far back as the 1600s. But did you know that not only does the hemp plant produce phyto-cannibidnoids, but the human body also produces endo-cannabinoids? Our bodies have a complex cell-signaling system known as the Endocannabinoid System (ECS). The ECS plays an important role in keeping major functions running smoothly.


In our research we have read over and over about the benefits of CBD and how it helps with a vast array of issues that drag us down and prohibit us from feeling our best.

Repeat CBD40 customers, as well as well as ourselves, are using the products for a variety of reasons to be well.

We felt it was important to craft the oils as purely as possible. The only ingredients in the drops is oil extracted from the hemp plant, a carrier oil, and vitamin E as a natural preservative. 

When placed under the tongue, CBD reaches endocannbinoid receptors in the brain, digestive system, muscles, and more. If the taste is bothersome, add flavor extract such as peppermint or cinnamon. You may also add flavored water drops or powder to the bottle.

Want your drops or roll-on stronger? Weaker? We can design a dosage that is just right for you, a family member, or for your pets.

Please contact us at for more information.


CBD 4000 Roller Rub

1333 mg per bottle

There are many uses and benefits of applying CBD topically. Known as nature's antiseptic and pain reliever. CBD, when applied liberally to the skin, interacts with receptors in the body to help us feel our best. CBD 4000 is designed for topical use.

Our CBD Roller Rub seems to have some very exciting, profound effects that are helping people heal and feel better.


CBD Pets

1050 mg CBD per bottle

Specifically blended for the furry friends in your life, our 34 mg per dropper-full of CBD oil is being used to help our pets live a more comfortable life with this natural alternative.

With our 34 mg tincture, the dosage is easily calculated–one drop per three pounds of body weight. Each bottle contains 30 ml.

3 drops = 9 pound pet​

7 drops = 21 pound pet

10 drops = 30 pound pet

18 drops = 54 pounds pet

CBD 40 Pets is easily administered by adding to your pet's food. Use one or two times daily, depending on your pet's needs.


"Realizing the many benefits of our oil and seeing it help the people we know and love was the encouragement we needed to market our oils."

Don & Tammy Schneider, owners of CBD40

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