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Family Hemp Farm

CBD40 offers a trio

of products made of locally raised hemp grown in the

North 40 of

Ovid, Colorado


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Day 1
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1 week later
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24 days later

Donny Schneider says...

"I suffered a flash burn on my hand and forearm from a 480-volt fuse panel on July 22nd. It was diagnosed by a doctor as a 3rd degree burn. Immediately after the burn, cold water was applied. 30 minutes later the burning was still painful. I applied CBD40 pain roller rub to the burn and within 15 minutes the pain had stopped and never hurt again. The roller rub was applied several times a day and after each scrubbing. Additionally, an antibiotic ointment was applied at night. The end result was no scaring. Six months later, you cannot tell my arm was burned. The natural healing benefit of this oil is amazing!"

Matt & Catie G. say...

"We started giving our overweight 11 year-old lab the Pet Drops. He was struggling with his balance and strength due to hip problems. We could see an improvement the next day and he has continued to regain strength, balance, and quality of life over the last three months."

Karen L. says...

"I've used Schneider's CBD40 oil for several months. I feel it is helping relieve my chronic lower back pain as well as assisting with restless sleep."

Tammy Schneider says...

"I take the drops each morning for work-related stress and anxiety relief. I use the roller rub occasionally for various purposes. The most astounding results I have seen with it is when I get cramps in my feet at night. Before I had the CBD rub I would have to get out of bed, walk, and massage my feet for about an hour before the cramping would stop. Now, I apply the oil, massage it into my foot and almost instantly the cramping stops. I wouldn't believe it could provide immediate relief had I not experienced it myself."

Sharon P. says...

"I have macular degeneration. I take hemp oil to help my macula. I buy my oil from Schneiders because it is fresh."

Brenda C. says...

"Woodrow is a 6 year old wire haired pointing Griffon. He was very active and suddenly had unexplainable, unsolvable chronic pain. I tried CBD40 oil; he almost immediately has turned around to enjoy an active life again.  I believe CBD40 oil to be a great product to be used with pets in discomfort and pain.

Taylor H. says.

"I have a fungus on the bottom of my right foot, that will sometimes keep me up at night because of the itch. The roller rub took away the itch almost immediately and started to clear the fungus."